Try These Steps to Install TP-Link Router

P-Link router needs no introduction as they got appreciated among router users around the world. TP-Link routers are simple to configure & setup. They are best for any home network and can work fast as per individual requirement. To configure your router, follow the steps that we are going to elaborate in our today’s blog. We are also mentioning important factors to keep in mind during & before tplinklogin-net-login. So, go through them and cover every corner of your home & office with Wi-Fi. Let’s start with the connecting TP-link router.

Pre-requisite for Connecting TP-Link Router

  • Ensure you have PC that is connected to the Internet via Broadband Service. In case, you have any issue then contact your Internet service provider.
  • First, power on your Cable/DSL Modem, PC, and Router.
  • tplinklogin-net-login
  • Place your TP-Link router in optimal Location. As per Experts, the best place for your router is middle of your wireless network.
  • Now Adjust TP-link Router Antennas Direction. Vertical direction will be a good option.
  • Next, connect Computers and every Switch/Hub in LAN ports of the Router. In case, you have Network cards and wish to utilize wireless function then skip this step.
  • Attach DSL/Cable Modem to router’s WAN port.
  • After that, attach power adapter to the power socket on TP-Link router & supplementary end into an electrical socket.  Your TP-link router will begin to work automatically.
  • Power on Your Cable/DSL Modem or Router.

Quick Installation Steps via Web-based Utility

  • Want to use Web-based Utility for tplinklogin-net-login? In that case, use any window, UNIX OS or Macintosh with web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • For accessing configuration utility, launch a web browser in your computer or wireless device. Enter default address into browser address bar.
  • Once you enter default address and hit enter, you will see a pop-up window asking for tplinklogin-net-login credentials. Enter admin for Username & Password for Password & click Ok Button and press enter key.
  • After accessing tplinklogin-net-login window, you can configure the router as per your preference in a Quick Setup menu.


  • When you click on Next, it will display WAN Connection Type Page.

To know further steps simply take assistance from our Customer care executive on Toll-Free Number. We have a dedicated team that is available 24/7 on Toll-Free Number. You can approach the team for tplinklogin-net-login issue or any other issue also. Our team gets a number of call for Router configuration & installation purpose. You can also become part of our big user family. The team is approachable round the clock via live chat support window as well. Talk to them live & get the quality solution for all your queries. If you want to share any views & suggestions with us, drop your comments in the comment box. Our team will revert back to as soon as they receive your comments. Your feedback and suggestion help us to improve our customer service for future. So, Keep posting comments and stay connected with us.

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